Online GitHub Contributor Graph Generator

Nothing is stopping you owning your commits

Some people enjoy using their free time to write code, or their work is open source. Good for them.

You don’t need to be that person to have a fun GitHub contribution graph. Just draw it below, and add the repo to your GitHub account to join the commit club.

Your email is required to set the commiter. Everything is done in your browser.


Next Steps

  1. Create a new GitHub Repo:

  2. Copy the URL of your new repo

  3. Open the Terminal

  4. cd to the unzipped repo in your downloads folder

  5. Run the follow commands:
    git remote add origin []
    git push origin

    Use your repo address not mine.

All done

How it works

This site uses a JavaScript in-memory filesystem with a JavaScript implementation of git to create a zipped repo which you can download.

The instructions then teach you how to get that synced up with a repo on your GitHub account.

The repo is open source if you want to contribute:


I’m Orta Therox, a long-time open source-person. Who, yes, does have one of those contribution graphs which I’m saying isn’t that valuable.

That said, I do use GitHub Sponsors, and if you want to see more tools like this then you can join the $2 a month star crew.